City Officials convene to craft ELA

City Officials convene to craft ELA

City Officials convene to craft ELA

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TACLOBAN CITY (CIO) — Tacloban City officials led by Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez and the Sangguniang Panglungsod headed by Vice Mayor Jerry T. Yaokasin attended the first day of the two-day Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) Workshop at Tacloban City Training Center.

The ELA formulation workshop which will be held from October 7 to 8, 2019 will define the direction of development in Tacloban for the next three years.

In his talk, the Chief Executive reminded the local officials to present why they need to work hard and aim for a progressive Tacloban.

“It is not enough to see what’s going on; we have to feel also what’s going on because when you have a better understanding of what’s going on, you will have a more dynamic approach and a faster and quicker solution that’s more responsive to people,” Mayor Romualdez said.

“What we have to do is make our crafting of ordinances more efficient, more effective and sounder. And also, having the ability to modify and even work to change what is needed to change because time costs money. If we can do this more efficiently, faster then I believe this will pave the way in developing our way of life here in Tacloban,” he added.

The two-day ELA workshop is being facilitated by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).
The resource speaker during the workshop was Mauricio T. Labado, LGOO VI of the DILG who underscored the need for capacity assessment.

“Our capacities and performance framework is compared to a tree. Capacity is the root of the tree, kay it kahoy matiwug-tiwog kun it aton mismo gabut dire tama iton katurok, dire tama it kapasidad. In other words if you are competent enough to plan and implement a program, but dire supportive an legislative together with the City Mayor, waray gamit an aton mismo programs and projects because we are delving your performance at the outcome areas of the local governance,” Labado emphasized.

The priority projects and programs identified were the construction of Barangay health stations, the establishment of revenue-generating financial management systems, installation of additional smart traffic control systems and multi-level, multi-use parking buildings, and the construction of resilient school-classroom buildings in Tacloban North and retrofitting of school buildings to be able to adapt to climate change, among others.

Meantime, DILG City Director Atty. Darwin Bibar hopes that good governance indicators such as financial administration, peace and order, social protection and others would be taken into consideration.

The ELA is an instrument that helps the LGU in formulating plans, programs, and solutions to issues of the different sectors of the population. -C. Merin/CIO


Photo: A. Alamos/CIO

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