FLET Conducts Inspection in Coastal Barangays

FLET Conducts Inspection in Coastal Barangays

FLET Conducts Inspection in Coastal Barangays

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LOOK: Following orders from Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez to also conduct clearing operations in the coastal areas, the Fishery Law Enforcement Team (FLET) together with personnel from the Tacloban City Police Office inspected the three coastal barangays in San Jose on Wednesday.

The team went to barangays 88, 89 and 90 to formally talk to the owners and operators of each fishing vessels about their upcoming clearing activity.

According to FLET, since the Cancabato Bay is a marine protected and fishery reservation area of the city, the local government stepped up its clearing operation in order to preserve it.

“It aton ine, para ine it kaupayan ngan kalimpyuhan gihapon ha Tacloban. Kun nakita naton mayda naton mga demolition na nahitabo ha downtown area. Kaylangan gihapon naton himuon haat coastal area,” said FLET Coordinator Carlos Dave Castello.

Also, Castello mentioned that owners and operators are advised to dock their fishing vessels at the Tacloban Fish Port.

Section 8 of the City Ordinance No. 2003-8-138 or the Pollution of City Waters declares that it shall be unlawful for any person ” to place, discharge or deposit, or cause to be placed, discharged or deposited, or to pass or place where it can pass, into Cancabato Bay waters, any chemical substance, deleterious or obnoxious to fish, fishery or aquatic life.”

Further, Section 14 provides for the penalty for the violation of any of the provision in the said ordinance.

Meanwhile, the implementation of the said clearing operation will start on Friday, August 9.


Photos: K.E. Napala/CIO

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