Forum on breast cancer awareness held

Forum on breast cancer awareness held

Forum on breast cancer awareness held

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The Rotary Club of Kandaya in cooperation with the City Government of Tacloban under Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez has propped up awareness efforts on Breast Cancer in a Forum held Thursday, October 17 at the Tacloban City Training Center.

About 60 women employees of City Hall participated and were encouraged to let their breasts examined for early detection and early intervention.

Liza B. Calda, President of Rotary Club Kandaya, said regular breast examination is the best way to detect breast cancer at the earliest possible stage.

“Early detection is the best protection. As we say, mas maupay gud iton mahibaro hira how to do BSE (Breast-Self Examination) and how to take care of themselves. At least kun maaram ka what to do, this will raise your chances of fighting the disease,” Calda explained.

She pointed out that women aged 20 and above should conduct the BSEs right after their monthly period.

This is done using the pads of the fingers in a circular pattern moving from the center of the breast going out, including the nipple-areola and armpit areas, to detect the presence of lumps, fluids, dimples and changes in the nipple color or texture.

Aside from the discussion on how to do BSE, featured stories about hope from breast cancer survivors and advocates namely Nunneth Veloso Laboy, Evelyn D. Clarin, Elizabeth Smotherman, and Calda were also highlighted in the forum.

To coincide with the event, a fundraising activity dubbed “Pink Bazaar” was also launched as part of the celebration of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. The bazaar will run until Friday, October 18, 2019. – C. Merin/CIO


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