It’s an early Christmas for our PWDs

It’s an early Christmas for our PWDs

It’s an early Christmas for our PWDs

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Today marks the first program to be held here in Tacloban in celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities. With the theme: “Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible sustainable post-COVID-19 world.”

This was done to raise awareness of our PWDs, to not only normalize their uniqueness in our community, but to treat them in the same manner and respect as everyone else.

Moreover, to discuss the importance of self-care and proper Covid-19 health protocols. With former being especially essential stating that “mental health is equally important as physical health” wherein they may be struggling in both regards, making the notion of this event all the more necessary.

Said program was held at CEO Gym with around 120 PWDs in attendance. Moreover, the program was made possible through the offices of the City Mayor and Persons with Disability Affairs Office. Our City Mayor, Hon. Alfred Romualdez graced the floor, giving a short speech and thanking the PWDs for attending the program.

Before closing, goods and commodities with some bundled in Christmas gift wrap were distributed to the PWDs.

L. Jopson/CIO

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