Local Health Board Meeting

Local Health Board Meeting

Local Health Board Meeting

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The Local Health Board convened on Tuesday, March 10, to discuss the dengue situation and possible interventions to prevent the entry of the deadly new strain of coronavirus in the City, as local transmission of the disease has been confirmed by health authorities in the country.

As agreed, the board is set to intensify, once again, the information dissemination campaigns, and search and destroy operations through the conduct of ‘Pintakasi’ in the community, more particularly in the 8 barangays that were observed with a clustering of dengue cases.

Barangays mentioned were 71, 91, 95, 84, 77, 62 A and B as well as 74- Lower Nula Tula.

With that, the local government also reminded again the public to follow the 5S strategy.

These “5S” strategies involve searching and destroying mosquito breeding places, securing self-protection, seeking early consultation, supporting fogging or spraying only in places with confirmed dengue cases and starting early hydration.

Meantime, although there is no confirmed case of COVID-19 in the City, the board chaired by Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez has already stepped up measures against the disease. These include strict health monitoring procedures for all arriving passengers in the DZR Airport, and establishing of Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERTs) in the 138 barangays of the City.

Likewise, the local government is also set to coordinate with the Department of Transportation and will set up surveillance in the community through its BHERTs to protect the public against the spread of the new coronavirus in the City.


📷: K.E. Napala/ CIO

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